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HRC Internships

The Human Rights Consortium and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies work collaboratively to deliver the cutting-edge teaching and practice-based training within the MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights.  As part of the School of Advanced Study, a collection of postgraduate research institutes, the Human Rights Consortium hosts a number of research projects led by the academics that lecture on the MA programme.  The research projects bring together interdisciplinary expertise from the field to provide a national and international collaborative centre for the support, promotion and dissemination of academic and policy work in human rights. Students benefit from teaching from academics who continually update teaching materials to reflect their current research.

The Human Rights Consortium works closely with MA and PhD students to provide them with the experience of research promotion and dissemination, either through formal internships (20 ECTS) as part of their programme of study or through informal collaborations.  Students have an open invitation to blog, organise and attend events, and interact and assist with their tutors’ current academic research. Many students have found this interaction invaluable and a unique way to begin a career in human rights research and practice. PhD students in Human Rights have the opportunity to set up research projects, host events, publish academic papers and apply for funding with support from HRC research support staff.  The HRC aims to foster a stimulating environment for teaching, learning and research at all levels.

The Director of the Refugee Law Initiative, Dr David James Cantor, teaches International Human Rights Law on the MA in Human Rights. Students interested in getting more involved have the opportunity to intern, or simply take advantage of the regular events, seminars and shortcourses convened and hosted by the RLI.


Dr Damien Short, Director of the Human Rights Consortium, teaches the 'Understanding Human Rights' modules I and II on the MA in Human Rights. He is interested in the links between environmental destruction, ecocide, genocide and indigenous peoples. For the Ecocide project he recently discovered in the UN archives materials relating to a draft Ecocide Convention originally intended to be a part of the Rome Statute alongside the Crimes against Peace. For the Extreme Energy Initiative project, he has researched the effects on downstream indigenous communities of ‘tar sands’ production in Alberta, Canada and is currently working on a human rights impact assessment of ‘fracking’.


Dr Corinne Lennox, Associate Director of the Human Rights Consortium, teaches the modules ‘Securing Human Rights’ I and II for the MA in Human Rights and also leads the LGBTI Human Rights project, working with academics from a number of universities. The project’s most recent publication is 'Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Commonwealth: Struggles for Decriminalisation and Change', an edited collection bringing together contributions from researchers, activists and lawyers. This publication is open-source and is available free online in order to disseminate it as widely as possible..


How MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies student, Sylvester Chapotera, aims to fulfil a lifetime goal

Sylvester Chapotera was awarded the Guy-Goodwin Scholarship on the MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies. He tells us about how his programme of study contributes to his ambition to become a future leader in refugee protection.