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Alumni Careers: MA in Human Rights

We are proud that we have over 450 alumni around the world, who work for human rights NGOs, humanitarian organisations, charities, national governments, and UN agencies. Below, we showcase some of our graduates and what they have gone on to achieve.

Jenny Rosenberg
Activism Impact Coordinator, Friends of the Earth (MA 2009/10)

Vicky Brotherton Coordinator, Anti-Trafficking Monitoring, Anti-Slavery International (MA 2011/12)

Lucy Gregg
Policy Officer, The Children's Society (MA 2009/10)

Gabriella Wass
Business and Human Rights Researcher, International Peace Information Service (MA 2009/10)

Laila Sumpton
Youth Engagement Coordinator, Plan UK and Poet, Keats House (MA 2011/12)

Georgia Booth
Country Coordinator, Amnesty UK and Project Coordinator, Global Partnerships Team (MA 2012/13)

Denis Flavius
Foundation and Corporate Relations Manager, The Trevor Project (MA 2011/12)

Simon Bennett
Assessment and Reconnection Worker at No Second Night Out (MA 2011/12)

Saiqa Ali
CEO and Founder of Linking Bridges and Project Officer, NDCS (MA 2009/10)

Angela Huddlestone
Deputy Coordinator, NGO Forum for Syria (MA 2009/10)

Tanha Habib
Project Manager for BRAC UK Vision Bangladesh (MA 2010/11)

Jacqui Stevenson
Advocacy and Programme manager, ATHENA Network (MA 2009/10)

Tanja Venisnik
Legal Coordinator, EarthRights International (MA 2012/13)

Karen Baker
Operational Director, JUCONI, Ecuador (MA 2008/09)

Chyngyz Batyrbekov
International Affairs Officer, Public Foundation for Development of Education (MA 2012/13)

Neil Clarke
Managing Director/ Head of Europe and Central Asia Programmes, Minority Rights Group Europe (MA 2002/2003)

Jess Elliot
Refugee Project Assistant, British Red Cross (MA 2013/14)

Patrick Canagasingham
COO (Chief Operating Officer), Oxfam International (MA 1995-96)


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