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Human Rights Researchers Network

Greetings from the Human Rights Consortium! 

The Human Rights Consortium (HRC) of the University of London was established to facilitate and promote inter-disciplinary research in human rights nationally and internationally. It fulfils this mandate through a range of activities including events, research training, visiting fellowships schemes, network development and publications.

The HRC launched its International Human Rights Researchers Network (HRRN) on Human Rights Day 2014. The Network provides a unique platform to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary human rights research, including exchange between the academic and practice spheres. Membership is open to human rights researchers based in academic institutions and also to those in the practitioner world, including those researching for NGOs, governments, the United Nations and civil society organisations.

The Network will host a range of events on human rights related topics along with an annual conference. The Network welcomes collaborative partnerships with other human rights organisations. The official journal of the Network is the International Journal of Human Rights, a peer-reviewed journal that produces eight issues per year. From November this year HRC Director, Damien Short was appointed IJHR Editor in Chief following Frank Barnaby’s retirement.

Frank launched the IJHR following a discussion he had with the late Frank Cass at a seminar in Kings College, London, in 1976. The inspiration for the Journal was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights itself and the body of law it stimulated covering all aspects of human rights, including genocide, racial discrimination, religious intolerance, discrimination against women, the rights of the disabled, and torture. Frank explained, ‘I've always been interested in human rights and their importance to the arms trade, military R&D, global military expenditures and so on. More money spent on arms means less for human development. I saw these linkages more clearly while I was director of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, and thought it would be valuable to have an international journal dedicated to human rights which could also explore these issues, and so the IJHR was born.

The Journal, which was peer reviewed from the outset, was established to assist in the provision of information and encourage discussion about such rights, both the legal and moral aspects. It began as a quarterly journal but generated a demand sufficient to justify an increase in the number of issues from four to six and then to eight a year. A typical issue contains up to eight articles. It is read by academics, students, lawyers, politicians, officers of non-governmental organisations, and others interested in human rights. From the beginning, it was planned that a number of Special Issues of the Journal, each devoted to specific topical subjects, should be published each year.

Dr Corinne Lennox was appointed Assistant Editor in December 2014 along with Dr Alejandro Anaya-Munoz, Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE), Mexico.

Network Membership

The standard annual membership fee is £30.00. Students are eligible for a discounted rate of £20.00. Register to join the HRRN here.  

Note: Scholars and Researchers based in Least Developed Countries will be eligible to complementary membership subject to approval from the Network. Applicants will be expected to provide a CV and a Statement of Interest to support their application for membership. Please contact us on for further details. 

Membership Privileges

  • Access to a large network of human  rights researchers
  • Subscription to the International Journal of Human Rights, including access to the archives
  • Preferential rate for the Network annual conference
  • Preferential rates for Network affiliated conferences and workshops
  • Online bimonthly newsletter updating recent developments in the field, including new publications, forthcoming events and special journal issues. 


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