The School lies at the heart of a global research community, acting both as a national hub for advanced level research into the humanities and social sciences and an international meeting point and research resource for scholars from all over the world.

Each year the School welcomes around 140 visiting research fellows who benefit from its unique research resources and multidisciplinary scholarly community. In addition to visiting fellowship programmes, the School offers professorial, honorary and senior research fellowships.

Through the hosting of these fellowships, the School fulfills its overall aims of enriching the research infrastructure of its national and international subject communities and other stakeholders.

School fellowships are intended to be:

  • Democratic: open to all who feel that their research has something valuable to contribute to or gain from the resources offered within the School and the University of London
  • Comprehensive: offering support at all stages, from archival and library research, through the critical appraisal of colleagues at seminars and conferences, and on to publication and wider dissemination
  • Altruistic: their primary purpose is to support the work of members of other institutions

For more information on fellowships contact:

Dr Shahrar Ali, Internationalisation Fellowships Team Leader
E: shahrar.ali@sas.ac.uk
T: +44 (0)20 7862 8683