School visiting fellowships

The School’s Visiting Fellowship is awarded to early career scholars (that is between eight and twelve years post-PhD or equivalent) will be awarded by the School by invitation only.

School Visiting Fellow 2013–14

The SAS visiting fellow for 2013/14 is Dr Frédérique Woerther. Dr Woerther will join the School for the month of June and will be affiliated with the Warburg Institute. She is an international expert in medieval Arabic and classical rhetorical studies.

Dr Woerther is currently a researcher and Bronze Medal award holder at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, the country’s largest government-run research organisation,  Her research interests have included a study on Aristotle’s Rhetoric and the Greek rhetorical theories in the Classical and Hellenistic period and, since 2005, the Arabic interpretations of Greek rhetoric and philosophy, especially in al-Farabi and Averroes.

Past School Visiting Fellows