ST Lee Visiting Professorial Fellowship

Funded by a generous endowment by Dr ST Lee, of Singapore, this Fellowship is awarded to professorial (or equivalent) status, for the purpose of supporting research in London in any field relevant to the work of one or more of the School’s ten research institutes and the Human Rights Consortium. This fellowship scheme is by invitation only.

ST Lee Visiting Professorial Fellowship 15-16

Melanie Nolan

Melanie Nolan is Professor of History in the School of History at the Australian National University, Director of the National Centre of Biography and the General Editor of the Australian Dictionary of Biography. Her publications include Breadwinning: Women and the New Zealand State (2000), Kin: A collective biography of a New Zealand working-class family (2005) and, as Gen. Editor, The Australian Dictionary of Biography (2012).  She is currently an ST Lee Visiting Professorial Fellow at the School of Advanced Study, University of London. She will be based in the Institute of Historical Research for four weeks in May.

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Greg Crane

During May and June, Greg Crane, Humboldt Professor of the Humanities at the University of Leipzig will be lecturing and holding events around the UK on the theme: Greek, Latin and Digital Philology in a Global Age. He will be based at the Institute of Classical Studies.

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Suresh Canagarajah

Suresh Canagarajah is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor, Director, Migration Studies Project, Departments of Applied Linguistics and English Pennsylvania State University. He will be based at the Institute of Modern Languages research for four week in June.

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